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1hour/week                  $65/month

1.25 hours/week          $75/month

1.5 hours/week            $83/month

2 hours/week               $100/month

2.5 hours/week            $118/month

3 hours/week               $135/month

3.5 hours/week            $150/month

4 hours/week               $165/month

4.5 hours/week            $183/month

5 hours/week               $195/month

5.5 hours/week            $205/month

6 hours/week               $215/month

6.5 hours/week            $220/month

7+ hours/week             $225/month

Competition prep class tuition will be provided in your competition contract.




How to pay using PayPal:

Please note that there is a fee you must add to your PayPal payment to cover service fees.  Payments up to $100 have a $3 fee.  Add 3% to any amount over $100.

Family discounts are given.  If your child takes more than one class per week, a discount is applied in the same manner.  For example, if you have 2 children that each take a one hour class per week then tuition is $100/month. If you have 1 child that takes 2 one hour classes per week then tuition is $100/month.


Tuition is due the first week of each month.  Fees not received by the 10th of the month will incur a $10 late fee.

You may pay in person using cash or check.  You may also pay electronically through your Parent Portal.  There you can set up autopay or click to pay.  I have kept my PayPal button active if you choose to use it; however, you must add fees to your payment to cover PayPal service fees.

There are not deducted for missed classes or for holidays/breaks. 


Enrollment fee is $25 per family.



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